My name is Kris. Yes, I'm one of those moody and weird 19 year olds.

It's better to have a lifetime full of mistakes that you learned from, rather than a heart full of regrets and empty dreams.

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Graham McTavish

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I’m sorry, Mark, what do you love? I didn’t quite catch that.

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My exact reaction to when people shove their opinions down yours throat 8D

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Too Fabulous-(Gif)

"Damn that sexy elf"

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Wild Magic- Leafy Quartz Talisman, here:

(Please don’t delete my text!)

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Two points!


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In which Bilbo’s emotions leak out his hand.

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For Oreleth, her OC Avalon. 

My beautiful OC drawn wonderfully by the amazing <3

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Going into a tag with the safety off.




The most appropriate use of a gif I’ve seen! :D

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this was a weekend well spent. 

full size: [x]

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